Among Us Plushie Pattern – Sewing Project for Kids

All of the extra time spent at home on the weekends has given me lots of time to craft with the kids. They have started playing the game Among Us so I came up with this Among Us plushie pattern for them. Made out of felt, this is an easy sewing project for kids.

Sewing is an excellent handicraft for kids of all ages! This project can used with either hand sewing or machine sewing.

My oldest two who are 10 & 12 made it by themselves. However, even younger kids can make this easily with a little help! My 6 year old cut out the pieces and operated the foot pedal while I guided the fabric in the sewing machine.

I used a sewing machine for this project but this would also be a great project for hand sewing. Felt is great for beginner sewing because the edges do not fray.

I have included a free printable pattern and instructions so you can make them at home! Click on the link at the bottom of this post to download.

Among Us Plushie

Among Us Plushie

Made out of felt, this is an easy sewing project for kids.


  • Felt Sheets
  • Thread
  • Polyfill stuffing


  • Amung Us Plushie Free pattern (link to download in post)
  • Sewing Machine / sewing needle


    1. Sew goggle highlight onto goggles.

    2. Sew goggles onto body

    3. Sew body pieces together leaving a 1 inch gap at the top.

    4. Stuff with polyfil and sew opening closed.

    5. Sew together backpack pieces leaving the top open.

    6. Stuff backpack with polyfil and sew top closed.

    7. Attach backpack onto backside with hot glue or hand sew.

Among Us Plushie Recommended Supplies:

Among Us Plushie Pattern


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If you make some Among Us plushies I would love to see them! Tag me on Instagram @handmadejoydesigns and use #handmadejoyblog