Easter Basket Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

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Easter Basket Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Easter basket free sewing pattern
Fabric Easter Basket

I have an Easter basket sewing pattern and tutorial for you just in time for Easter! These cute fabric bunny baskets are a fun, easy sewing project to make this Easter. Fill it with Easter treats, books, and gifts for the perfect Easter Gift for the littles in your life.

This Free Easter basket sewing pattern is suitable for even those new to sewing. It is also a great project for kids who could sew it with minimal help. Even the smallest sewists could help you make the pom pom!

fabric easter basket free pattern

Personalize your easter basket with fabric ears to match your child’s personality, Easter outfits, or your Easter decor!

Materials Needed:

  • canvas fabric
  • accent fabric for ears
  • yarn to make pom pom
  • Pattern (see link at bottom of this post)

NOTE: I used cotton canvas fabric to make these. My favourite canvas fabric is painters drop cloths! I buy the natural drop cloths like this one from Walmart. You end up with lots of great canvas material perfect for sewing!


1. Cut out all of your fabric pieces.

Easter basket sewing tutorial

2. Sew the ear pieces (one canvas, one accent fabric) right sides together. Turn right side out and top stitch leaving the bottom unsewn.

Floral fabric bunny ear pieces

3. Fold the sides towards the centre, pin in place and then baste in place.

Fabric bunny Ears with floral accent fabric
Bunny Ears

4. Fold each side piece so the short sides meet and sew along short sides. Repeat for the other side piece.

5. Fold Handle Fabric in half lengthwise and sew along length. Turn right side out and sew along both sides along length of handle.

diy easter basket handle

6. Position one side piece inside the other right sides facing. Sandwich ears in between side layers at front of basket (opposite the back seam) and pin in place. Sandwich the handle on sides of basket, pin in place.

7. Sew around top of basket, making sure to sew through all layers. Turn right side out.

DIY fabric easter basket

8. Pin backet bottom to side of basket with right sides facing. Sew all the way around.

Easter basket sewing pattern

9. Make pom pom and then hand sew it onto the back of the basket.

handmade pom pom bunny tail

DIY Pom Pom

Making your own pom poms is easy! Here is a link to a great video tutorial by Sheep & Stitch

Use whatever yarn you have at home and you can wrap the yarn around cardboard, or whatever you find at home that works.

handmade fabric bunny basket with pom pom tail

Click on the image below to download the Bunny Basket Pattern

Fabric bunny basket free pattern

No Handle Option

You can also make it without the handle and you end up with a cute bunny storage basket!

Easter Basket diy

If you make a bunny basket I would love to see it! Tag me on Instagram @handmadejoydesigns #handmadejoyblog

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