DIY Halloween Wand Tutorial- Witches Cauldron

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DIY Halloween wands are perfect for Boo Baskets and make great Halloween Party Favors. They are very easy to make too! Below I have a detailed tutorial and have also shared a free pattern that you can download below.

felt Halloween wands

I bought all of the materials for these DIY Halloween wands at Dollar Tree, making it a very affordable project. You can personalize it by making them with in whatever colours you fancy! You can make them to match your Halloween decor or to match the colour scheme for your Halloween party.

DIY Halloween Wand Supplies:

  • Felt
  • Pom poms
  • Poly-fil / Fibre fill
  • Dowel/skewers
  • Rhinestones (optional)

DIY Halloween Wand Instructions:

1. Cut out Pattern pieces in felt.

2. Sew cauldron lid to the front of one of the cauldron pieces.

3. Sew cauldron pieces together leaving a 1 inch gap at the bottom.

4. Stuff with fibre-fill. Insert Dowel/skewer and sew opening shut.

5. Glue on Pom poms.

6. Tie ribbons at bottom of cauldron.

Handmade Halloween wand
DIY Halloween wand made out of felt


No-sew Option

You could also hot glue the cauldron pieces together rather than sewing it if you prefer.

Witches Cauldron Halloween Wand

Felt cauldron Halloween wand

Halloween wand Tutorial and free pattern. Make this cute witches cauldron wand for your little ones. Perfect addition to a Boo Basket or makes a great Halloween party favor.


  • Felt
  • poly-fil/fibre fill
  • pom poms
  • rhinestones (optional)
  • wooden dowel/skewer
  • ribbon


  1. Cut out pattern pieces from felt. Free pattern download link below.
  2. Sew cauldron rim onto one of the cauldron pieces.
  3. Stitch cauldron pieces together leaving a 1 inch gap at the bottom to insert stuffing.
  4. Stuff with poly-fi/fibre filll. Insert dowel/skewer and sew opening shut.
  5. Glue on pom poms and rhinestones.
  6. Tie ribbon at base of cauldron.
Felt Halloween wand, grey cauldron with pink and purple pom poms

If you can’t make this right away, don’t forget to Pin it for later! You can check out my Pinterest boards for more DIY ideas.

I would love to see the DIY Halloween wands you create! You can tag me on Instagram @handmadejoydesigns #handmadejoyblog

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